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Blogging about my introduction to Women’s Football

I’ve considered writing a blog for awhile now but I’ve never really got round to putting words on a page. I stopped myself for so long as I’m not a particularly good writer, plus I’m not sure my opinion actually holds much water. It was only around 14/15 months ago I took an interest in women’s football so I’m still a novice in the world of Women’s Footy. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve only actually attended three matches, although I could literally add two zeros to the end of that to count how many match reports I’ve read.

When I first took an interest in women’s football I could only really name 10/15 players off the top of my head. The difference from then and now is amazing because I’m now confident I could name at least 500. When I started following women’s teams I basically just read anything and everything I could find whether it was news articles, a match report from a week ago or even from two seasons ago in the website’s archive.

One thing that attracted me towards reading and learning about the women’s game was the freshness I felt about it. It was a clean slate in my mind as it was all new to me. With the men’s game it has always been about the same teams every year so it’s nice to see names like Hutchi Vale, Glasgow City and Spartans. It feels like stepping into a new world when it comes to international tournaments as well. I mean imagine if in the men’s game that Scotland got oh so close to qualifying for a major tournament but were knocked out at the last hurdle, or that England massively under-performed and then decided to sack their manager after they got home…. ok, maybe it’s not all different but the new names and faces still bring some entertainment back into football. Something which although I’m a massive fan, sometimes the men’s game does seem a bit stale.

Another reason and the biggest reason why I follow the sport is the people. I probably can’t emphasize how nice everyone have been. It doesn’t matter if they are fans, coaches or players, I have talked to so many people and they have all been kind and happy to talk. OK maybe it’s a little harder to get a reply from the FAWSL players and I’d struggle even with Google translate to say hello to my favourite European players but the Scottish players I’ve spoken to have been great. It really does feel like a privilege getting to speak to players who have represented your country or play for the team you support, and you get to find they are genuine people and football fans just like you. I remember when I started a little project of mine where I attempted to add women’s football teams (mostly Scottish) onto Football Manager and it has genuinely amazed me how not only individual players but also representatives of clubs have taken the time to help me out with any requests when really they could easily have just ignored me.

After starting off negatively I’d like to end on a positive point and just say that people who have never taken an interest in women’s football could never really appreciate it for what it is. I admit that before I gave it a chance I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t think anything negatively about it but I could never have predicted how much respect I’d have for the people that dedicate so much time and sacrifice so much for football because it is the thing they love. To think that people spend so much time training, traveling and playing football but also have to combine it with their job (or their studies) in order to fund the football that takes over their lives.

Now my waffling has come to an end I think the best way to end my first blog is just so say thanks for reading.



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