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Cannavaro vs Spanish Prime Minister

Injured Cannavaro had decided to stay on and reel his team-mates forward to get success from the Euros and his intentions are clear. Spanish Prim Minister Zapatero believes that Spain will beat Italy 3-2 on Sunday, whilst the Italian Captain believes Italy will win 1-0. Well obvious for both to say that they will win or else they would have no pride at all.

“I have a different opinion to Zapatero,” the 34-year-old stated.

“He thinks that Spain will win 3-2 and I believe Italy will win 1-0.”

“They have more individual quality than us, but we have a better group solidarity. We are more of a team and that is our winning weapon.”

Italy have shown they play well when they play as a team and when they are mentally boosted and this was seen during the 2006 World Cup when the Calciopoli scandal did nothing more than push the Italians forward to prove their worth. Now Italy are stronger than ever rallied on by their injured captain and will do everything to beat Spain on Sunday.

Spanish Prime Minister wronged by Cannavaro



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