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Fall of Scottish Football – European Demise of Celtic & Rangers

I get the feeling that supporters of both Celtic and Rangers are doing nothing but complaining right now, due to the fact they feel that they are no longer good enough to compete in Europe.

It doesn’t seem to occur to Old firm fans that this is not due to the two teams mentioned, not being good enough any more, it is because most of the competitive teams in Europe now have multi millionaires as owners.

City of Manchester Stadium Eastlands Manchester City v Liverpool Premier League 23/08/2010 Owner Sheikh Mansoor watches from the directors box for the first time Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansoor

Teams that have countless money to spend are of course going to become better than Celtic and Rangers, because they simply can afford better players. The average spending on a player by the Old Firm is usually no more than three million pounds, 90% of teams competing in the Champions League nowadays spend at least six million on a player and anywhere upwards to 50 million for a premium player.

The kind of player the Old Firm can expect to attract right now

I feel until Rangers and/or Celtic are owned by a very rich person, they will not be able to compete with Europe’s elite, fans have to remember this is not the team’s fault and stop the needless criticism and support their teams through the good times and bad.

That being said Rangers just earned a point at Old Trafford, with a 0-0 draw.. perhaps there is hope?



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