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Inside The Goalkeepers Union

We had a chance to talk to Simon Clark, Director of The GK Union Ltd who told us a little about the Goalkeepers exclusive club, over to Simon…

What is The GK Union and how did it all begin?

Let me take you back to the late 1990’s. There I was; a young keeper wanting to make it to the big time. Let me rephrase that. I wanted to be a professional footballer and goalkeeper was my chosen position.

I used to watch match after match on TV and I was always analysing what the pro keepers were doing. I was a part of The GK Union but what does this really mean?

Every keeper that puts on his or her gloves immediately gets a free subscription to an imaginary union of goalkeepers. There are no membership fees, no ability criteria and no initiation period. We keepers need to stick together. In the end I never made it as a pro keeper but that doesn’t mean my imaginary membership expired overnight. I will always be a member.

During this time, there was limited Internet access. No forums and no websites that I get useful information from to help me develop.

In July 2012, I was scrolling through Twitter, looking at some of the pro keepers I followed and it hit me. I am still a member of this Union. Is there a way that these ‘members’ can join together and be a part of a collective group of keepers?. @GKunion was born on Twitter. The concept behind was soon to follow and I have not looked back since. The GK Union website offers a free reference site with news, articles, interviews and GK profiles of professional keepers giving keepers of all ages and abilities a reference point for what I think is the greatest position on earth!

You can even buy your own profile page too. I am constantly in discussions with professional keepers who are assisting in raising awareness of the website. These keepers give up their spare time to help those young keepers who want an insight on what it is they do/have done to get to where they are today.

The website is forever evolving and growing by the day. More and more people are visiting new articles that are uploaded each week. So what does the future hold? Come and take a look yourself as the website develops through the years.


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