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FIFA 13 Review

This week I’m reviewing the latest edition of the phenomenal FIFA series, FIFA 13. The realistic sense of the game seems to be evolving every year as you get the chance to play with the world’s best clubs and players. New innovations to the first touch control, attacking intelligence, dribbling and career mode have made the game that much better from last season.

I’ve had every edition of FIFA since 2004, the one with Thierry Henry, Alessandro Del Piero & Ronaldinho in the title sequence, that is nine games before FIFA 2013, and whilst I haven’t, I would sell games from my collection for FIFA 13, some of my other one’s that came out this year! Fortunately I didn’t need to, but it would have been worth it!

Every year, we seem to say the game ‘is much more realistic’ and thats a fact. Every year the gameplay seems to be more like the actual real game itself. One noticeable change is the 1st touch control. You no longer see perfect touches from every player including teams from League Two. 1st touch is now based on the power of the pass or lob pass and whether you have someone on your back or not. Possession and keeping the ball seems just that much more difficult than last season.

The career mode changes have improved as they do every year. You can now manage at the international level as well as your club. This however sounds brilliant but is it realistic, maybe not. After playing the game in the first season depending on your club success you get 15 odd offers from international sides. For me personally, I feel the international stage is too much to take on, you lose focus on club stage. In saying this the feature is innovative and if I had an offer to manage England I probably would not turn it down.

One rather large change in FIFA 12 which is continued in FIFA 13 was tactical defending. You could not just hold the tackle button and target the attacker from miles out. Now you need to decisively tackle the attacker without the option of having your player as a homing missile on the attacker. This feature did make the game more challenging but it was a good innovation in the end.

There are always comments each year from FIFA players that the game does not change apart from a few kits and player rosters. However what you are buying is not a completely different game from last year, you are buying a subscription essentially for one season. FIFA is one of those games in which you could play for years and never get bored, a game which is simply above every other. You have to say the most popular sport in the world, must have the most popular game.

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