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Goaless at Half-Time

 Italy 0-0 Spain: Spaniards Irritated by Fandel

Spain and Italy are entertaining the crowd in a 0-0 half-time draw. Spain have been the dominant side in this first half having had a penalty appeal for a foul on Silva turned down by referee Fandel. A foul by Grosso just out of the penalty area was again not given by referee Herbet Fandel while the Spanish fans showed their emotions towards the referee. Buffon had only one particular save to do from a free-kick which he coped perfectly well with.

Italy’s Antonio Cassano has been extremely threatening on the left side of Italy’s attack yet when Spain have possession Cassano seems to be taking it slightly easy instead of pressuring his closest opponent. Toni had a great chance foiled by the Spanish defender. Silva has been dangerous for Spain having had a couple of dangerous chances whilst Torres and Villa are showing their dangerous abilities on the counter.

We now await the second half and with Fandel doing some bad decisions for Spain we hope that the ref will have a good second half.. (Well cannot actually complain about the ref from Italy’s view point but what’s wrong is wrong just like the decisions that affected us in other matches).

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