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Group C Action Today

Italy vs Romania 18.00

Holland vs France 20.45

That’s all the action from Group C for today and with Italy desperately looking for a win, you must be brave to bet anything far from an Italy win. Holland showed their potential by beating Italy 3-0. Not to disrespect Holland, but I think they played against a slightly unconfident Italy side added to the fact that Donadoni failed in his tactics. Holland were lucky on the break and Italy created great chances in the second half but to no avail. Lucky Holland play France who have just beat a couple of kids 7-0 in a Swiss friendly. (from the France blog). So it is utterly OBVIOUS that after thrashing the Swiss U-18 the French are high-morale, fear no-one and will thrash Dutch. Now that’s sarcastic phrase! Tonight’s match between Holland and France will be close, and pretty entertaining but I think that maybe the Dutch could get something from this match. France are weak and shy and this resulted in their draw with Romania and leaving certain stars out in order to put his young stars to test was a brave choice to do by Domenech.

Predictions: Italy vs Romania : Italy win

Holland vs France: Holland win or Draw

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