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Lippi talks on future and Donadoni

Italy’s World Cup winning coach believes that Donadoni had a difficult start to his Euro 2008 qualifiers campaign mainly because the team had to adapt to his new style of play. After taking reign as Italy coach, just after Lippi had won the World Cup meant that Donadoni was under immense pressure to return more silverware and thus it added to pressure on the team and the team failed to impress in the first qualifiers of the campaign.

Infact, Italy lost to Croatia and France, the latter whom they beat in the World Cup final and things started to look real bad for the Italy campaign to qualify for the Euro Championship.

“His work has been exceptional, but initially he got muddled because he wanted to differentiate himself from my administration, which was understandable,” Lippi told Il Giornale.

Lippi also said why he left the Italy team and the Calciopoli scandal surfacing in that period led to some pressure on the Italy boss.

“Of course I regretted it, more than once, but at that moment I could do nothing else,” he said. “The behaviour of certain people was shameful, as they tried to kick me out by pouring the Calciopoli scandal on to my family.It was vicious opportunism. “

Lippi also confirmed that his return to mangerial positions would be outside Italy and it would be in the foreseeable future.

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