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McFootie- An Odd Sunday and he who should not be named…but will be, John Terry

Welcome to the first of hopefully many football blogs by me!


So what a bloody good weekend of football it was.

Van Persie presented the finishing show on Saturday at 1 o’clock while Blackburn showed off their amazing disappearing defence and show once more why their just as hopeless as Wigan.


An Odd Sunday


With Man City coasting to victory on Saturday, the big event has to have been the Sunday game. Chelsea v Man U, Chelsea missing a few key players, notably Drogba, Lampard and he who shall not be named.

United were also missing a few key players, Vidic, a Goalkeeper and Michael Carrick, who has been missing for almost 2 years now. Our thoughts go out to his family.

I must say, I expected Man U to do a job in Stamford Bridge. Chelsea have been struggling of late and United seem to be hitting that time of year when they decide they better start winning games.


I certainly wasn’t expecting a 3–3 draw. United started well with most of the possession although no outstanding attempts on goal and were unlucky to go in at half time behind when Evans put into his own net (not totally sure he even realises it was him). I wonder do Everton need a centre half????

And so began the second half, A stunner from Mata, an own goal from a camel, two penalties and a vintage poachers goal. All this left even the huge intellect of Jamie Redknapp perplexed.

All in all I think it has to be a case of two points lost rather than what a comeback for United. Either way hugely entertaining for any neutrals watching.


He who should not be named…but will be.


It always amazes me how much clubs are willing to put up with from footballers and still pay them. Emile Heskey for example, a striker who doesn’t score goals. He’s currently got nine goals in 80 appearances for Aston Villa. Or seven in 62 for England.

Or Kieron Dyer is another. He’s played 35 games since 2007. Collecting £50,000 a week roughly. That’s £372,000 per game.

And don’t even get me started on the Carlos Tevez saga. George Lucas could make six movies out of his career. I need a whole new blog for that one I think.

But in my opinion the worst of all these, by a country mile has to be John Terry. Mr Chelsea they call him. I genuinely think he needs to be banned by Fifa for life! Let’s have a quick look at his CV shall we.

2001 Drunkenly shouted abuse at American tourists in Heathrow directly after 9/11.

2002 Beat up a bouncer with a few football mates.

2002 also, parked his Bently in a disabled parking spot.

2004 – 2007 The Mourinho years, probably wasn’t let out much.

2009 Charged £10,000 to bring people on tours around Chelsea’s training ground. Of course didn’t bother telling Chelsea this. Must be where they got the name Mr. Chelsea, he thinks he owns the club.

2010 Charges people thousands of pounds to use his FREE Captains Wembley box. Seen as a privilege by all other England captains.

2011 Rides Wayne Bridge’s other half. Say no more.

2012 This must be what he was building up to after all these years…


All in all not very good reading for the FA you would imagine. So I guess it’s not surprising they eventually took the captain’s armband from him this week.

Though amazingly his Manager, Mr. Capello has backed him??? I know, by all means it makes no sense. Just how often is the English FA willing to bend over and take it from JT? I know Chelsea have been doing it for years but that’s no excuse.

In my opinion he is literally the worst excuse for a footballer I have ever seen. I don’t care how good a player he may have been. Put him down for god’s sake. There are children running around with his name on their backs.


So that was my first football blog. I hope you liked it, or at very least it didn’t bore you too much.

If you enjoyed, by all means recommend it to others or retweet, facebook or ignore it completely.

Leave a comment or two maybe.

Till next week.


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