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Racism in Football – My view

Here I will be discussing my opinion on racism in football, from incidents which involve top footballers such as Luis Suarez and John Terry to players that are playing non-league football. There have been incidents all over the world in such countries as Turkey, Russia and more, I will be focusing on the racism in England. All I would like to state that I am against racism in football as everyone should be, but I think more should be done.

First of all The FA in England aren’t clamping down on racism as much as they should.  If someone from a club whether it be a player, staff or even fans the club should not be a fine of so much money. They can gain money from anything especially if they’re a professional football club and make money with ease. What they should be doing is docking points from the club, in which could decide things such as a league title or even relegation places. If the FA did do something like this it would instantly say they are against racism and that they will not stand for it at all. If it was a fan that had made racist remarks, he/she should get a ban from all stadia in the continent for a full year with a heavy fine. That would indeed stop or should stop fans being racist to the players on the pitch or even other fans that are a different race.
Secondly I would like to involve the Kick it out shirts, I know that some top player refused to wear the shirt for certain reasons. However what kind of message does this send out to the younger generations that look up to these “stars”.  From reports they didn’t feel that it was to wear the shirt due to the amount of racism that had been going on and not enough action had been taken place. The way I see it, is that they are being too stubborn and should wear the t shirt to show that they want to help kick it out. But maybe if the FA helped to do something about it and not just fines maybe they would feel more comfortable about wearing it.
Furthermore, from my research it is obvious that cases of racism are not being dealt with. Colin King from the Black and Asian Association, stated that the black and Asian organisation report a minimum of racism each week. Whereas the FA of Wales have only noted 4 different cases since the year 2007, but in Ireland and Scotland they do not make a note of any incidents or investigations. That for me tells me that the FA’s certainly are not doing enough to stop racism and should be noting down each spell of racism, whether it is large or small. If they do want to stop racism then they should indeed not just take notes but take action against those who are making racist remarks.
Not everyone agrees with the point that I put across, they believe the fines or whatever are fine. But if we want to get rid of racism in football then the people in charge (FIFA/EUFA) should do a lot more to get rid of it. Football shouldn’t be about money all of the time, when players or clubs get fined its silly, money doesn’t mean much to these clubs especially with the cost of the fines that they receive. Football used to be a game about passion and glory and money wasn’t a factor in joining certain clubs, if they want to bring passion into the game, points should be docked or even knock these clubs out of cups or put them down a division. This would certainly stop a lot of racism and other poor acts in the game.
However if points are whatever were taken off clubs, title decisions could be made due to this or even relegation battles. This could be bad, because of the fans reactions. The certain fans that I am talking about are the “die hard” fans who fight for their club and this could make them react badly if they were to lose out on the title or get relegated and could end up with innocent fans getting hurt.
On the other hand, this could help bring clubs together as clubs could hold events for the younger and older generations to meet up with players and staff of the club and talk about racism and try and get it to stop. If clubs started to do it with the younger generation it would help to bring in a better future for the footballing game. The game is on a downfall at the minute with racism being one of the main focus points. As a football fan it isn’t nice to see the game being talked about in such a horrible way.
In conclusion I still agree with the points I have made and my mind will not be changed, racism is horrible and no one should have to be abused in any way. Football is a sport, fans are passionate, some players are passionate but to let racist abuse leave your mouth it is wrong and football shouldn’t be about that. Altogether I think racism should be vanished from the game and it won’t be until FIFA, UEFA and FA’s of the countries do something about it.
Richard McCarthy
Twitter; @_rmccarthy

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