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Violence in Football – My view

During the weekend of the semi finals of the FA cup, Millwall fans disgraced the nation. At the home of the national team, Wembley Stadium, the fans of the London based team thought it would be good to start some chaos. Millwall fans weren’t the only ones guilty of these actions during the same weekend either. After the Tyne-Wear derby, chaos broke out. Newcastle fans more so were the guilty convicts

This comes at a time as football related violence seemed to of calmed down, there hasn’t been many incidents in recent years of this kind of crime. We have all heard stories of football related violence in the past but when was the last major incident forgetting about these two?

Is it time to bring ID cards to all games? A lot of fans would agree to that as they like to go to see a game of football played and to get home with their family. These embarrassing “fans” have got to realize that football fans are getting younger and is it a correct example to set out to these children as to say? These children could be growing up thinking it is OK to cause violence anywhere never mind at a football match.

Anyway I’ve had my say and I want to see what you football fans have to say about this.

Richard McCarthy
Twitter: @_rmccarthy

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