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Shhhh…have you heard the rumours??

Robbie Savage’s reaction to the comments made on BBC Radio Derby has really caught the media’s attention but also has angered many Derby fans.

The Rams captain reacted angrily to the suggestion that some of the players were beginning to lose faith in some of Nigel Clough’s backroom staff, Savage insisted that he (and his teammates) had faith in the managerial staff and couldn’t believe their abilities were being questioned.

The whole saga is a tough one to call.

On one hand it would be no surprise if players were beginning to doubt the managerial staff given the clubs recent performances and the apparent lack of development each player is making. Frederik Stoor’s comments about the club when he returned to Fulham were damning and shouldn’t be ignored. There are certainly murmurings amongst the fans about the suitability of the backroom staff, which can be no surprise given the jump they made when joining the Rams.

However on the other hand Robbie Savage is right to defend his manager and come out on behalf of the team to put things right.

The problem with Savage’s outburst was that he turned into a ranting madman, he refused to leave the issue and this turned him into a laughing stock amongst the Derby fans. Savage has never been popular at Derby given his Leicester past, however he has recently been putting in the hard work and begun to change some fans opinions.
In my opinion Savage has burnt his bridges with many Derby fans, however while Clough is in charge at Derby i’m sure he will remain in the team.

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