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Should George Burley have kept the Scotland job?


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After Scotland came so close to qualifying for Euro 2008 many people expected the Scot’s to come even closer this time. In their Euro 2008 qualifying group they had the 2 World Cup finalists. In their World Cup qualifying they had Holland and Norway, so no wonder the Scottish public expected more. On Wednesday 9th September Scotland were beaten 1-0 at home by Holland, that meant Scotland had no chance of qualifying. After the game there was alot of talk in the papers about George Burley, should he stay on as boss? Afew days later the Scottish FA confirmed Burley would be staying on as manager, but should he have kept his job?

Out of the 10 games George Burley took charge of, Scotland only won 3. Them 3 wins were against Macedonia (Home) and Iceland (Home and Away). Heres the world cup qualifying results, some very shocking results.

  • Macedonia 0-1 (A)
  • Iceland 2-1 (A)
  • Norway 0-0 (H)
  • Holland 0-3 (A)
  • Iceland 2-1 (H)
  • Norway 0-4 (A)
  • Macedonia 1-0 (H)
  • Holland 0-1 (H)

Some  people would say its the players fault that they didn’t qualify, but its almost the same squad that only just missed out on qualification for euro 2008, so whose next to blame? There were no problems with the squad’s Burley chose, most of the players which did play were capable of doing better, but how many times did you see George Burley getting up and giving the players instructions?

Like England proved with Fabio Capello, maybe choosing a manager from your country isn’t always the best route to take, so if Scotland had sacked Burley they could’ve got a foreign manager just like England did, and see how the foreigner does. What had George Burley done at club level when he was appointed as Scotland manager? Some of the other candidates for the job had actually done something useful around the time Scotland were looking for a new manager, but the Scottish FA didn’t think before appointing Burley.

 HOLLAND V ENGLAND, INTERNATIONAL FRIENDLYCapello has guided England to the World Cup

 Scotland fans hoped that this year they could qualify for the world cup, but losing to teams like Norway 4-0 and Macedonia 1-0 has cost the Scot’s big time and almost cos their manager his job.

One positive point for Burley is that he did infact say that he would of had no complaints if he had been sacked which is something he didn’t have to say, he took the blame instead of his players which is very kind indeed as he could of blamed his players for all of this.

What do you think? Should George Burley have kept his job? There is no right or wrong answer! My opinion is that he should’ve lost his job, i only found one positive point from his time as manager. Even at the start i didn’t think he was an international manager, now hes going to have to try and qualify again, this time for Euro 2012. Good Luck Burley.

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