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‘Step up to the Spot’ with Strongbow this Summer

Strongbow is one of the largest cider companies in the UK and they are set to unveil a new multi-million pound ‘EARN IT’ campaign which is targeted to reward the men that get the job done. The campaign kicked off with a sixty second TV ad entitled ‘The Moment of Truth’ on the 3rd of June and it follows a group of mates where they step up to a high pressure challenge including taking a penalty (the Strongbow penalty challenge), potting a black ball in snooker and much more!

The TV ad targets the hard working men of today’s society with the advertisement slogan of ‘Earn It’. This campaign will also include events, online, sponsorship and PR and they will be challenging men from across the country to step up to epic challenges and the campaign pushes men to sign up to these events on

The ‘Earn It’ challenges are targeted to “Everytime you do something out of your ordinary, they track it and then fill up your PINT accordingly. As it fills you earn real Strongbow.” One of the epic challenges will be to take a penalty with the ads saying “Reckon you could scored a penalty…, what if the whole world was watching”. Every time you step up to the challenge, Strongbow will reward you with a pint of their cider.

The brand director Michael Gillane said, “The aim of the Earn It participation platform and the new advertising is to encourage our target audience to leave their comfort zone and face life’s everyday challenges.” The first ‘Earn It’ challenge will take place on the cricket pitch where men of the public will have to face an over from England cricket star Jimmy Anderson. This will also build up talk and press about the upcoming Ashes series where Australia will be playing England away.

Lace up, step up, earn it this summer and sign up at This challenge is not very easy especially if your English and you can have the chance to convince the England coaches that England do not crumble under pressure, will you bottle it like Terry did or will smash it past the keeper to earn those crucial Strongbow Earn it points to impress your mates?

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