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Tottenham Hotspurs Levy’s broken record

There is a common misconception from the outside that Tottenham fans expect too much, complain all the time and don’t deserve what they have. But from the inside, it is quite the opposite.

Treated to FIFA like corruption, constantly lied to on just about every big media circus, subjected to bizarre decisions, poor communication and ultimately the most inconsistent nonsense in the one place it matters, the pitch.

The only consistency that has taken place in my most memorable years as a Spurs fan, has been the chairman.

Levy is a broken record, and this time he has gone too far. The patience of the fans has worn thin. After countless managers there is only one place left to point the finger.

He got it all wrong in September 2005 when he appointed the much loved Damien Comolli, a name sorely missed at the helm of Director of football. I am of course being sarcastic. One thing Levy learned from that experience, as the club began spiralling out of control toward relegation, is that the manager runs the team.

In came ‘Arry, with his merry men and a simple structure. The club went back to basics and flourished as a result. The most successful period in my living memory, joyed by future prospects, with the frankly unusual smell of optimism floating in the air.

I’m not going to argue the toss about Harry’s downfall, I’m sure Levy had his reasons.

We’ll never know as fans what pathway of thoughts led to the decision to appoint Franco Baldini in June 2013, but we sure as hell know it was a terrible one.

Under the resumed structure of director of football, the bemoaning of our loyalty started all over again. Sack the manager was the order of the day, and then sack another one. As if that wasn’t enough of a wake up call, we subjected a new manager to the same transfer policy as the previous two. Guess what? The disgracefully average turnout continues.

There is a cancerous mentality within the squad that infects our performances, flourished and nurtured by the preposterous idea that a manager and director or football can work.

I feel for Pochettino, I really do. There is a set of players, signed by Baldini who don’t merit the reserve shirt, let alone the first team.

All the while Levy sits by from his directors box, enthralled with what presents itself in front of him. He must be proud of what he has achieved.

Levy is a broken record. Just don’t count on the record getting fixed.

Oh and by the way, how’s the new stadium coming along, Levy?

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