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My view on this ‘real fan’ nonsense

I’m sick to death of all this real fan malarkey. All of this has come across since the JPT game on Tuesday with 30,000 and now it went down to 11,000 for yesterday’s game. I admit in my last blog I said there are a lot of part timers in Coventry, I stand by that, there the ones who were slating the team saying we were rubbish and quite frankly we weren’t! To them fans I say don’t bother coming back if all they are going to do is slate the team when in all honesty we were good. You can tell how success and a chance to go to Wembley spur people to go, as well as cheap tickets. I say that as walking out the ground on Tuesday night I saw a lad with a Manchester United hat on, I really wanted to go up to him and take if off and say you’re at a Coventry game, stop being a plastic fan. Anyway what is a real fan? I’d say a real fan is someone who can get up to the Ricoh and follow them on the travels as much as they can. Even if you can only afford to go to one game then I think that’s fine, but as long as you support the team all the time then I’m happy with that. It’s the people who slate the team after 5 minutes and abuse players on Twitter that I don’t agree with; we should be getting behind them not making them feel worthless to the club. I take my hats off to the fans who don’t live in the City and still travel to games week in week out, along with the ones who do games and live in the further regions of England, like Devon and London for instants, even if you do 5 games a season, I’d say you are a real fan just for the reason you support them when ever. The City of Coventry has 300,000+ people in and we can barely get 10,000 a week, it’s embarrassing to know that most of Coventry are die hard Manchester United/Arsenal fans. Take my school for instance, I’d say there is 50 people out of 1000 to support their home team, I could be wrong I’m just taking a guess but that’s embarrassing to know. Overall I’d say a real fan is someone who supports the team through the good and bad times, someone who can only afford to do a few games a season but still support the team. The ones who go to games but leave 10minutes early because we are losing, the ones who slate the team when we have played well saying we were rubbish, the ones who only go to the big games, in my opinion all of this shows what a real fan isn’t and I don’t welcome them to support our club. It’s a shame because if we ever get back to the Premier League and playing the top teams, people in the city will come crawling back and say they are diehard fans. As the legend Bill Shankly said “If you can’t support you’re team when they lose/draw, don’t bother supporting them when they win”.

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