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Whats next for Leicester City.

So Leicester City, my home town football club, tipped for promotion right at the start of the season among West Ham, are struggling in the middle of the table, trying to scrape away at draws and slender wins, with the most expensive squad in the championship they aren’t doing there fans any justice,  after sacking Sven Goran-Erikkson not long ago and reviving Nigel Pearson as manager, all they have really done is bring all hope back to life, after a string of losses Pearson claimed that the ‘honey moon period’ was over and players where going to start performing, but it’s easier said than done, we have had a lot of draws in the last 7 matches, on the bright side we have conceded very few goals but scored even less..

Anyway going onto the players, with the players like David Nugent, fiery and energetic really giving a buzz to the Leicester City attack he is the only player that has really done damage this season, a total of 8 goals in all competitions he  is our leading goalscorer and looks like the only threat infront of goal. Then we have Jermaine Beckford, the player in Leicester City which overly frustrates me, he has so much talent and potential but he just hasn’t been showing it, I dont know if its down to personal reasons or what not but he has been poor, his lethargic touches too his ocean liner movement around the ball he really has brought nothing to our strike force, he has scored a total of 2 goals in all competitions which is poor for a player on real Premier League standards and tore Chelsea apart on a solo mission last season, I just want to see the Jermaine Beckford that scores proper striker goals, going for the ones at the near post with cougar like movement pouncing on stray balls, the Jermaine Beckford that played scored for fun at Leeds, a player with real passion and commitment for his football team, he is a shadow of the player that played for Leeds/Everton.

However a real spark in the Leicester City team is young Ghanaian international Jeffery Schlupp, a real fiery striker with the ability to tear teams apart with his blistering skill and pace, he is also very strong and composed on the ball and unlike other young strikers he not afraid to shoot from distance, when coming on as a substitute he shows real passion and commitment to player for Leicester, he wants and needs more first team football, he was loaned out last season and has come back twice the player, he means a lot to Leicester Citys strike force now. He got a hat-trick earlier in the FA cup earlier in the season.

Leicester City’s real key to the midfield is Richie Wellens, people don’t watch how he plays closely enough, with such finesse and talent just like Paul Scholes, eagle eye vision to pick out a ninja like pass across the field, he holds the formation for the midfield in a good position without them attacking too high or defending too low, he is the type of player to run back and pick the ball up from the defenders then feed it off to the wingers/ striker, he shows the most talent on the Leicester team, he has the ability to shoot from distance or up close, but the best thing about him is his movement, he looks like a small and stocky lad and doesn’t move a lot, but its his movement off the balls that counts, allowing players to feed the ball through anyway pulling other midfielders out the way creating passages and channels for the team to utilize for there advantage, the only person iv’e heard praise him is Robbie Savage and if Robbie says it then it must be true, he really is a talent. Shame he was spotted at a rather late age for a footballer.



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