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Yakubu, Egg-chasing & Burnley

Out of the bottom three – at least until Man City get hold of us.

Rovers beating QPR was great – a result that gives some real hope relegation could be avoided. Before anyone thinks this is about to turn into a Steve Kean love-in – think again.

While the first-half performance was decent, let’s not lose sight of the fact QPR were poor, and our resident tactical genius nearly pulled out yet another collapse with his meddling.

Even when things are going his way, he somehow manages to always put his foot in it. At 3-0, the game should have been over, yet we end up hanging on with the back-four sitting so deep you’d have thought we were playing Barcelona. Thankfully we saw it through.

Hapless Kean then follows up with another gem from his list of things you’d wished he’d never said, by declaring Yakubu must now be worth £10 million. Sure, he’s had an excellent season but £10million for a slightly chubby, 29-year-old? You’ll be saying Andy Carroll’s worth £35 million next.

The Chris Samba saga rolls on – with a ‘hamstring injury’ ruling him out of a comeback with the reserves. Any sympathy the fans had with him for speaking out against the owners is fast wearing thin, and perhaps it would be best for all concerned if his ‘hamstring injury’ keeps him out until the end of the season.

Alternatively, with Man City next up, perhaps Sky could set up the most expensive game of Wembley ever televised between Samba and Carlos Tevez.

Speaking of television, the BBC added further weight to the ‘we never stop learning in life’ argument last weekend.

After fully expecting my local to show the tea-time Tottenham v Newcastle game on Saturday, it came as something of a surprise to see some oversized individuals flinging an oddly shaped ball around the screen.

When I told my better half that Rugby Union was nothing more than “a bunch of beer-swilling louts chasing an egg”, she decided this would be a good time to tell me that Rugby players “looked really fit in their tight shorts”.

As you can imagine, this didn’t go down too well but, being an amicable couple, we agreed to disagree. However, in the spirit of fairness, and for anyone who may agree with the “really fit in tight shorts” argument, I suggest you put Martin Castrogiovanni into Google.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I then found out if Burnley played Man Utd, she’d want Burnley to win. Now I’m no lover of Fergie’s boys, but that really is a step too far. Grounds for divorce? Yes. Pity we’re not married.

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