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Keep Barnet FC at Underhill-Sign this petition now!

104 years. That is the amount of years Barnet has been at Underhill Stadium but this WILL end next year as the Football League have effectively said no to us asking to stay there for the beginning of next season due to Barnet Council’s pathetic demands and stubbornness. The clubs has always been in a conflict with Barnet council and they want to see a reduced footprint enforced at the club from the start of the 2012-2013 season which would see the parking space reduced, which would mean that less people would be able to get to the matches and will leave the club unable to operate the stadium due to the loss of people and the subsequent loss of money as a result.


 What makes this situation for my beloved Bees even more harrowing is the fact that rugby club Saracens have been given Cophtall Stadium for free in the borough of Barnet while Barnet FC are made to pay a “ridiculously high fee” for Underhill and the land and car park surrounding it. The Barnet chairman Tony Kleanthous has talked many times about this issue and he stated in his most recent outburst at the council’s handling of the situation that “People on the council side have spoken about their commitment to Barnet FC and have said the council have no site for the club to build a stadium on… yet they have given a free site to a rugby club which has no connection with the borough of Barnet and turned their backs on its own community club which has been in the area for more than 100 years!”
 Underhill might not be the most modern or even the best stadium but it is the one that EVERY Bees fan has an attachment to. If we are kicked out of Underhill, this could possibly spell the end for the club or have to relocate out of the borough of Barnet, much like what happened to Wimbledon fans when they were relocated to MK Dons. No matter who you are, please sign this petition to keep Barnet at Underhill for the foreseeable future and YOU can help keep by signing and recommending people to sign and if you sign, you could help to save the future of Barnet FC, Underhill and to keep the club at the heart of the community!
Please sign the petition below to keep Barnet at Underhill!



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