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Colo-Colo 0x1 Palmeiras; Palmeiras in the second-round of Libertadores da America

Last Wednesday (sorry about the delay) Palmeiras beat Colo-Colo, in Chile, and guaranteed his place in the next round of Libertadores da America:


Palmeiras started the game with the 3-5-2 formation with two defensive-midfielders: Pierre and the youngster Souza. Luxemburgo said that he thought that Colo-Colo would attack Palmeiras to try to guarantee the victory, which didn’t happen.

In first half Palmeiras played better than Colo-Colo, and Keirrison hit the post two times. But what looked like would be an easy game was dramatic.

Luxemburgo subbed-out the right-wing-back Wendell for the attacking midfielder Willians, but the change didn’t make Palmeiras better on the pitch. The game got stunk, and neither team could create chances.

In the 61st minute Palmeiras defender Marcao was sent off, which made Palmeiras life even worst; Luxemburgo had already subbed-out the injured Pierre for Evandro, and there was other player to sub-out and put the team even offensive.

In the last ten minutes Palmeiras tried to go suicidal to attack, with no much success, until Cleiton Xavier, at 88th minute, scores from a 30meters+ kick and saves Palmeiras.

Palmeiras will face Sport in the second round of Libertadores da America, and will play the first leg at home. Even with a bad retrospect last year against Sport, this year Palmeiras has a 1-1-0 retrospect. I believe that the team can go to the quarter-finals.

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