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Is England playing in the Home Nations really a bad idea?

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that England are ‘too good’ for the Home Nations as firstly its good practice for qualifying matches playing against Scotland, Ireland and Wales, these matches would be a hard fought battle; especially England vs Scotland, rivalry would come into play and these matches would offer younger, inexperienced players a chance of playing against average national opposition and I believe that winning, if England did so which would be expected of them would be a huge morale boost and would give the team a sense of glory and would help in the long run.

As for a regular tournament I think it would be a good idea especially as it gives the national team more time to bond with each other for upcoming major international events such as the Euros and the World cup. With young players such as Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Barry Bannan, Johnny Gorman and Greg Cunningham being on show, it would also offer clubs a chance to view and scout future stars and would also make a difference in the transfer market with clubs looking at more home grown players, which in further detail will increase the national team’s standard as Spain the current World Cup champions had most of there squad playing in their own country and all of their players even the ones that had moved abroad had been raised and nurtured in their local academies such as Cesc Fabregas at the Barcelona academy.

Therefore to conclude; I believe the home nations would be a great idea and hugely beneficial for our national side and would also offer benefits to the other home nations as well as offering substantial stadium revenue for the hosts which would therefore boost the FA and the hosts economy, I personally can’t see any reasons why hosting the home nations at least every two years would be a problem.

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