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Injury Crisis >=[

(this post was edited to remove the Microsoft Word unnecessary codes, as the admin recomended in the forum)

How much can an injury crise affect the success of a team in the championship?

Palmeiras was unlucky the last month: as Henrique was signing with Barcelona*, the first team defenders, Gustavo and Deivid, got injured. What would be a small problem became worst because in the next months (July and August) there will be two games a week, which makes a one month injury an eight game absence.

Palmeiras bench defenders are Gladstone, Jéci and Mauricio. I don’t need to mention that they aren’t as good as the best line-up defenders. The problem is that they aren’t just worst, they are unstable: a good match is thrown away because a single mistake.

Since Palmeiras is playing with Gladstone and Jéci, the team managed to win almost half of the points, using this formula: home win followed by an away lose. That’s because when playing at home, Palmeiras has an attacking mind, and the defenders aren’t tested as they are in away matches (since the home team has an offensive minded game). And when Palmeiras needs its defenders the most, they can’t help the team.

Brazilian press says that the team wasn’t able to build a good squad, but no team can expect to lose the best three defenders in short period of time; more than that, Palmeiras couldn’t predict Henrique selling, having no time to look up for a substitute as good as he is, even this not being the problem, since the plan was to play with Gustavo an Deivid.

Trying to solve the defensive problem, Luxemburgo started to play with three central defenders, taking one attacking midfielder of the team. That wasn’t a bad idea, since the side defenders became side back wingers, having less defensive roles. But that didn’t help too much, since the team wasn’t able to secure a 1-0 lead last away home, losing the chance to be in 2nd position in the championship today.

Should I expect better days when the defenders come back from their injuries?

* To Barcelona’s fans: Henrique is a great defender. He is good at aerial balls, but he knows how to tackle in the floor, too. He is faster than the most of defenders, and would be in the Olympics if Thiago Silva, from Fluminense, wasn’t be nominated as one of the three over-23 year allowed.



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