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Cavalieri and Henrique – What expect from them?

What should Liverpool and Barcelona’s supporters expect from the former Palmeiras’ players?

Diego Cavalieri is a great goalkeeper. He really is. His move to LIverpool was emergencial to his career; he couldn’t waste time being the second goalkeeper. And there will be no way he may send Marcos to the bench. Even if he spent some time in Liverpool’s bench, at least he will be making more money.

Nowadays, Cavalieri is better than Marcos. But Marcos has a commanding role in the pitch, and is one of the greatest idols of the team. Marcos is the best goalkeeper I’ve ever seen, but he is getting old, and his consistency and reflexes aren’t the same. he still very good, though.

Talking about consistency, this is one of the main atributes of Cavalieri: he is very consistency. Cavalieri played lots of games under Palmeiras’ bars and, to be realist, commited a mistake just once, against Santos, last year. But that’s it. He is a very reliable goalkeeper.

While Marcos was injuried, Brazilian press claimed that Diego should be nominated to the national team, a many think that he is better than J. César and Doni. I don’t know if he is better, but I can guarantee he is not worst than them

He shouldn’t start in the first team, since Reina is a good goalkeeper to. To me, Cavalieri is better, and may become the first team player in a medium period of time.

Henrique is a promise. A very good promise, but isn’t a certain sign as Cavalieri. But he has a great future ahead, and since Barcelona sign him for the future, it’s a very good buy.

Henrique is tall, good header, but knows how to play with his feet too. He is not the kind of defender who hasn’t  intimacy with the ball. He has a good control and good pass, and a great speed and tackling to steal the ball.

Henrique was also especulated in Ajax, and if he had moved to the Dutch team, he might be a first team player from the beggining. Loaned to Leverkusen, he might be a first team player too.

As I said in my previus post, Henrique is a player that Palmeiras is missing right now. In Brazil, he would be a first team player in any team. Cavalieri would be too, but in Palmeiras anda São Paulo, teams that have their goalkeepers as captains and most experient players.

There were other players speculated to leave Palmeiras (Pierre to Fenerbahçe and Valdivia to Hertha Berlin. If they (or any other player) leaves Palmeiras, I will write about them, too.

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