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To protest or not to protest? That is the question.

“The aim of the protests, as from the start, will be about the removal of Steve Kean as first-team manager, Venky’s as owners of the club and now the removal of the board of directors. The intensity of the protest will increase substantially.

“As Blackburn Rovers fans, we have no choice but to try to ensure we preserve the legacy left by the late Jack Walker. While we appreciate that this era is in the past, the failure by Venky’s and the current board of directors to build on his legacy leaves fans with very little if anything to cling on to.”

So says Glen Mullan, Rovers fan and leader of the ongoing protests against Steve Kean, Venky’s and the whole sorry state which is currently Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

But is anyone listening?

We can go round and round in circles discussing the merits – there aren’t many – or otherwise of Kean and Venky’s, but the fact remains they’re not listening.

They don’t want to listen – they really don’t care.

If they did then Kean would have been removed a long while ago. If they did, they’d have pumped in the money they said they were going to do.

So far, all that’s been achieved is for the protests to gain Kean undeserved sympathy from within the game and the media. Continuing to direct the protests towards him is pointless.

The target needs to be Venky’s. Not just by a few hundred – but by the majority of the ground at a home game.

Never mind this claptrap that a bad atmosphere puts the players off. They’re well-compensated to concentrate on the job of kicking that little white thing around, and it didn’t make much difference against Stoke – did it?

No – the only way the protests are going to work is if they’re directed solely at Venky’s, for the duration of the game, by the majority of fans in attendance. Unfortunately, that’s the tricky bit.

We like a moan in Blackburn – the town’s full of them. But apathy rules supreme. Like it or not, not enough people have been making their feelings known. A few hundred on the Lancashire Evening Telegraph website? Small pockets dotted around the ground on matchdays? It’s not enough.

The Indians are a proud race – losing face in such a public display of dissent would be the most hurtful thing you could do to them.

There can no longer be any doubts that Venky’s haven’t delivered on their promises – but they’re not listening – it’s time to make them.

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