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It’s all Rover now

Blackburn Rovers – relegated. It’s no surprise but seeing it in black and white isn’t nice.

As is always the way with these things, people look for someone to blame. Anyone suggesting Rovers fans should bear some responsibility is either deluded or an idiot.

These are not fans with ideas above their station. These are fans who know their club and where it should be in football’s pecking order. Before Venky’s and Kean rolled into town, Rovers were a well respected and established Premier League club.

Fast forward 18 months, and the landscape’s changed somewhat. When you consider what the fans have had to put up with during that time, it’s little wonder they’ve taken to venting their anger.

Player sales weakening a decent squad, false promises of investment, ridiculous statements of ambition, a refusal to acknowledge the plight the club is in, and a sickening PR campaign designed to paint Kean as some kind of saint are just a handful of the issues which have led Rovers’ fans to voice their concerns.

Take what’s happened at Ewood in the last year and a half and apply it to your own club. Would you sit there and say nothing? Thought not.

Suggestions that Kean has acted with dignity or doesn’t deserve the grief he’s received are wide of the mark too. His role in Big Sam’s removal still leaves a bad taste in the mouth, as does his association with agent Jerome Anderson (remember his sickening appearance on Sky Sports News?).

Tactically he’s inept at best, his record in the transfer market is appalling and results record even worse. Yet Venky’s still stuck by him. Those of you saying he deserves some kind of praise need a reality check. Would you want him at your club? Thought not.

All of which brings us round to the owners.

Are they simply naive? Have they been on a mission to asset strip the club? Perhaps just badly advised? Maybe we’ll never know, but the simple truth of the matter is they’ve taken a team who were comfortably surviving in the Premier League and fast-tracked it to the Championship in little over a year. Would you want that for your club? Thought not.

With regards to the future, it’s pointless saying what needs to happen because normal rules don’t seem to apply with Venky’s or Kean. If the club are ever to return to the top flight then both need to go – whether it happens remains to be seen.

While they are here, the fans should be supported in their quest to rid their club of those responsible for its demise. If they were at your club, you’d do the same – wouldn’t you?

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