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Stop Tweeting drivel

Twitter. A place where anyone who can string 140 characters together is given a platform to voice their opinion. It’s also home to some of the most ill-informed drivel you’ll ever have the displeasure of reading.

After Rovers fell to their first defeat of the season to Middlesbrough, the “let’s blame the fans” brigade were out in force once again, so now seems as good a time as any to fire back with a few responses.

“Steve Kean is a credit to football – whilst he’s not a fantastic manager, he’s done brilliantly with disgusting treatment from pathetic fans.”

No, he’s not. He’s a proven liar who alienated Rovers’ fans by trying to blame some of their number for his own stupidity in being caught drink-driving.

Couple this with taking a well-established Premier League team into the Championship, and his treatment from the fans has been well deserved. Let’s remember, these are fans with realistic expectations.

Back in the 70s, we were told the club was skint so we accepted what we were. Jack Walker came along and delivered what he promised. Kean and Venky’s arrived and spouted what has turned out to be endless nonsense.

“Last night Blackburn lost their first game and chanted “Kean out” – it’s disrespectful.”

Respect is a two-way street. Kean’s shown nothing but contempt for the fans since manoeuvring himself into the manager’s chair. He’s earned the derision he receives.

“I feel sorry for Kean. He’s doing a good job this season but needs to be sacked and the club rid of negative energy caused by the fans.”

By what measure is he doing a good job? Rovers are in the Championship – that’s nothing to celebrate. His tactics are woeful, while his ability to organise a defence is non-existent. The fans want to be positive – nearly two years of Kean and Venky’s has knocked the positivity right out of them.

“I can’t help think that if Blackburn fans put as much effort into supporting the team as they do hating Steve Kean, they might play better.”

Really? So a manager and players earning ridiculous amounts of money cannot do their jobs properly because the nasty fans are shouting too much at them? Maybe Martin Olsson was lying when he called Rovers support “top notch” after he made his first appearance this season. Or maybe he wasn’t.

The hypocrisy of the criticism thrown at Rovers fans is staggering. A Swindon fan called them a “disgrace” for protesting. So Swindon fans have never booed a manager or chanted for the board to be sacked?

That’s difficult to believe about a club who’ve been in administration twice. Instead of pointing fingers at the fans, supporters of other teams would do well to look at Kean’s record and ask themselves whether they’d want him in charge of their team.

Thankfully Twitter can be home to some wise words hidden amongst all the drivel. The Telegraph’s Henry Winter summed things up perfectly with the following – “When it comes to BRFC fans v Venky’s, I’m with the fans. Any sane man would be. As long as protests are peaceful – and these are.”



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