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Are Blackburn Rovers on the Rhodes to glory?

Jordan Rhodes is arguably the best goalscorer in the Football League. I mean, with a cap for Scotland in the third tier of English football, either you must be pretty decent, or Scotland aren’t quite as good as they were. And it suits me, you, the readers, and Scottish fans everywhere to believe that Jordan Rhodes is pretty useful, so, please, humour me.

Huddersfield’s promotion-winning 2011-12 season was inspired by Jordan Rhodes. He scored 36 goals in the League 1 regular season, and in 3 years with the club, scored 73 goals in 126 league appearances. Obviously, the is a player of talent.

And now, Blackburn have signed him, for £8 million. This is clearly a signing designed to appease the fans, who have been howling for the head of Steve Kean and the Venkys for the better part of 12 months. Signing a proven goalscorer is always a move that will make the fans happy, and to sign one as talented and young as Rhodes is something that will give the Blackburn supporters a smile – or if not a smile, perhaps a slight loosening of the lips and a weakening of the grimace that they wear to the terraces every Saturday.

Perhaps Rhodes can make the step up to the Championship – for £8 million, he needs to. It’s not only his reputation on the line, it’s Steve Kean’s reputation and the Venky’s dignity. Then again, it IS only his reputation at stake. But if he can make the step up, and fire Blackburn to the promotion they dream of, that £8 million will be repaid instantly by sponsorship, TV rights, prize money, etc.

Jack Walker was one of the most popular chairmen in the Premier League when his millions helped Blackburn win the league. His key signing was Alan Shearer, the striker with an incredible scoring record, signed for one of the league’s huge fees. The Venky family hasn’t quite got the popularity of Walker, but it could just be possible… that they win the league… with a striker with an incredible scoring record, signed for one of the league’s huge fees.

Blackburn fans can only hope.

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