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Sunderland’s Not So Loyal Fan?

As you have probably noticed the Black Cats are going through being sued by a supposedly loyal fan upset at being smacked on the head and subsequently knocked out by a wayward shot.

On a personal note in my opinion this is ridiculous, this is on the same terms as a woman suing the cigarette factory for her husband dying of cancer, but on with the point.

This brings a question, what is happening to football?

If you look up youtube there are endless compilations of accidents . But its actually going to get to the stage where players will be asked to be careful on every Cruyff turn every side step and every shot to avoid any litigious activity.

There’s an unwritten rule that you enter at your own risk, now with the health and safety myth infecting the beautiful game is it true that the average British fan is using this as an excuse instead of a safety mechanism?

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