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The “Mago” is back!

After being linked to a possible tranfer to Europe, the chilean attacking-midfielder Valdívia loses form, and his appearences got poorer.

It may not be very normal to you, but in Brazil it’s not a dificult picture: the player loses his focus on the team, thinking about his transfer, and stops playing well.

Valdivia was having this kind of problem, and even being the best player of the team, some fans thought it would be good for the team to sell the player, making some money and putting somonte in the first team that actually want to play.

But the “Magician” is back, and after a convesation with Luxemburgo, Valdivia returned to great form: a marvelous assistance against Flamengo and two goals against Ipatinga made Palmeiras jump to 3rd position.

Palmeiras x Flamengo:


Palmeiras x Ipatinga:


I know that his good football may encourage Hertha Berlin to pay the €15M Palemiras is asking for the player, but there’s nothing like good-played football.



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