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Toni: My Bad

Toni had no chance to celebrate during the Euro 2008

Roberto Donadoni’s exit was affected by Toni’s failure to hit one goal, claimed the Bayern Munich Top Scorer. Toni failed to hit even one goal during the four games Italy played in Euro 2008 and a couple of sitters against France should have surely saved his blushes had he scored them but he failed.

I Could Have Saved Donadoni From Getting The Sack

He told the press: “Maybe a goal could have saved Don, if only I could have scored, I tried in every way.

“But even if I didn’t score, I believe that I gave a hand in several games and I worked well over the last two years.

“You can’t judge a coach on a game that was lost on penalties. Donadoni did a good job, but these decisions are made by other people.

“Obviously, if I had scored other goals things could have been very different.”

Toni made no contact with Donadoni after Euro Exit

He continued: “I am not a player who stays in contact with coaches, even though I had a great relationship with Donadoni, as I did with Marcello Lippi.

“Lippi had a great World Cup and we won, but there were lots of incidents which could have gone against us and things could have been different.”

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