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Its Easy To Win The Premier League…If You Know How

There is a reason why Manchester United keep winning the Premier league. It’s because they know how. Man City and their Arab friends believe that the only way to win is to just spend as much money as they can to buy the best players available and just put them out there to do their stuff.

It worked, but only once. Why? Because they didn’t have the drive to go and win it again. They are like the Roman Empire, they had it all and they got fat and lazy and lost it. But money isn’t the reason they are not going to win a second title in a row. The reason is they just don’t know how to win it again

Man Utd and Alex Ferguson know how to win it because he knows that you need four things to win a Premier League title. The first is a good team spirit and mentality. With the exception of Rooney, and we will come back to him in a moment, you will never hear or see Utd players miss-behaving, throwing tantrums like 12 years children or going against the manager to get him out like a certain London club. Ferguson is the dominant one and his word is final and you dare not step out of line.

The second is luck. To be fair they haven’t needed much luck this season as their main rivals are just making it easy for them at the moment. But none the less a little luck in your favour can go a long way.


The third is a player in form. A player having a great season will give the team a boost and can carry them when he is most needed. Just look at Bale at Spurs. I doubt very much Spurs would be in the top four right this moment if it weren’t for his good run of form. Van Persie has given Man Utd that player with his lightening start to the season.

Finally, and most important, is to get the basics right. Ferguson has always instilled a solid defence to build on from the time he has been at Utd. Go through his teams over the past few years and it has always had a solid foundation. Then go into midfield and you will find the same consistency. And finally work your way up to the forward line to find reliable strikers and backup if needed. This season Ferguson has been particularly clever in his capture of Van Persie. Obviously he has been in superb form over the last few seasons and he is in no doubt going to bring goals.


But there is another reason why Ferguson brought in a prolific forward. It was to replace Rooney. Wayne Rooney is not a bad player and is always going to give Utd goals but the clever move by Ferguson in signing Van Persie was that he didn’t have to totally rely on Rooney to bring goals to United. I think Ferguson saw something in Rooney that suggested it would be of benefit to bring another striker on board. If Rooney was to have a good season then Ferguson would have two good forwards, if not, he wouldn’t be short the goals his team needs.

And it’s that simple logic that Man City and Chelsea just don’t have. Abromavich and whatever manager he has at any time knew full well that Torres just isn’t the player he once was and they failed to act. Instead his only option was to get rid of the manager believing, although not too far wrong, it was his responsibility.


Man City have a similar problem. Although this season they haven’t brought any significant new faces to the squad they have failed to recognise the problems that they have. Mancini has failed to recognise that his team would have had no fight this year and make the necessary changes that Alex Ferguson would bring in order to bring another title home.

All these other teams will achieve is an intermittent success by throwing money and stupidity at the title but they will never be able to achieve what Ferguson has until they learn how to do the simple things first.

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