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It will be Everton’s David Moyes!

I’ve been watching football since I was about 10 and I’m 33 now so during my lifetime of watching it  I have never known a time without Sir Alex Ferguson in English football, but today he has stepped down and will no longer be in charge of Manchester United. Although it’s a shock he is 71 and is due to have a hip operation so taking a step back its probably not a massive surprise and having won everything there is to win then it’s probably a good time to do so.

So time comes to think of his replacement, over the years people have been saying Mourinho is the obvious choice to replace him, he’s fearless and loves the big jobs but I think the major factor as to why it won’t be him will be the fact that Fergie will still be there as a director and ambassador and this may put him off and we would be fools to believe that Fergie wouldn’t try to have some input into first team affairs.

Before he accepted the Bayern Munich job I would have said Pep may have been a decent appointment but I’m not entirely sure of his credentials, he took over a team that boasted the best player in the world as well as the worlds 2 best midfielders. The way they played football was undoubtedly fantastic to watch but they have always played this type of football. One thing I’m unsure about with Pep is his ability to change to a Plan B, he very rarely had to use one but look at the Chelsea semi last year, he didn’t have any other options other than to play the tiki taka football. He probably won’t have to change his philosophy much with Bayern but the Premier League is a lot tougher to win football matches in than Spain and Germany.

United may well decide to appoint an ex player Giggs has been mentioned but it’s far too soon for him to take the job, he needs to take a lesser job first, the job would be too big for him it what would be the infancy of a managerial career. Solsjkaer has done wonders at Molde in Norway winning the Tippeligaen in the last 2 seasons but they are currently bottom of the league this term without a win (although only 7 games have been played).  I think Ole will make a good manager in time but he probably needs to have a few years managing another club in England before he can be considered a possible Manchester United manager.

For me there’s only one man (and as I write the bookies feel the same) and that is David Moyes, it’s probably one of the worst kept secrets in football as he’s been linked with the job for about the past few seasons. Although he still has a lot to prove he has done a fantastic job keeping Everton in the top 10 of the PL with a minimal budget. The main reason I think Moyes will be given the job is down to the fact that that Fergie will still be there, Moyes is of a similar Ilk to Sir Alex and SAF is also known to be a big fan of him. The press were originally reporting over the weekend that Moyes would work as Sir Alex’s assistant for a year before taking over, that doesn’t appear to be the case now but essentially that’s how I think it would work. Moyes would take control of the team but with Fergie kind of overseeing how he does giving him advice when required and needed. Moyes doesn’t strike me as the type of manager that would allow this sort of thing to bother him whereas Mourinho has clashed a number of times with meddling players and directors at various clubs he’s been at. I think the major doubt of Moyes would be his ability to deal with the pressure of a big club and a big budget, he has been untouchable at Everton over the years and has always had the “working wonders with a small budget” excuse to fall back on, he won’t have such an excuse at United. So how he deals with this will be interesting and only time will tell if he succeeds.

Whoever takes the job has one hell of an act to follow, Sir Alex has been the most successful manager in English football and Manchester United fans will expect this trend to continue, they may be underwhelmed by Moyes but Fergie can mould him into a new younger version of him and if that happens then we can expect to see United fighting for titles for many a year to come.



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