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Bye Heitinga.

Johnny Heitinga, where do I start eh!

It’s got to the stage now where I’ve just had enough, I can’t tolerate the lad. His blag hardman perception, his ridiculous hashtags in his tweets, and most importantly, the constant mistakes on the pitch costing us points.
Today was the tip of the iceberg, you could put him at fault for all 3 Villa goals. The first one, for a centre half to just be breezed past like that, it’s terrible. I understand Christian Benteke is a strong boy, but to get past Heitinga that easily, it’s just poor defending.
The second, he just stands there and watches Agbonglahor nod it in. No challenge, Heitinga is the closest person to him. He just watched Agbonglahor nod it in. The cross could have pressured better but again, terrible defending from Heitinga.
Then the third, not completely Heitinga’s fault but could have put a better challenge in. When a ball is inside the 6 yard box the keeper should be coming and claiming it, not just standing there and watching the ball like Howard did. Tim Howard is another one I’m losing patience with but that’s another story.
By the way, I’ve not seen any highlights that’s all from the view from my seat.
It’s not just today though, there’s numerous times he’s cost us points this season. Wigan away, one of the worst performances I’ve seen, he was always as bad as today. He was at fault for their second goal, making us drop points. Norwich at home, last minute, just stands and watches Bassong nod it in. There again with that goal, there’s a shout that Howard should have come and claimed that one, but still there was no challenge from Heitinga. Then on Wednesday night against West Brom, he didn’t cost us any points but he certainly put us under pressure. Cruising at 2-0, a grim bit of defending on the line. 2-1, game on again and putting the side under pressure. The only decent thing he’s done this year, that winner at Bolton. When in all honesty, he shouldn’t have been on the pitch it was a negative substitution that got him on the field.
I think what annoys me most about Heitinga is, when he plays our best centre back gets shoved to right back. Phil Jagielka isn’t a right back, he’s a very good centre half though. He showed his class today, when he went centre back after Heitinga went off. It’s not right that the best centre back in the club gets shoved to right back.

The whole clapping the fans thing as well, see if I thought he meant it, it would be a good thing. When Tim Cahill used to clap the fans, he meant it. He never talked up moves to other clubs like Heitinga has in the past.

How he won player of the year last year is absolutely baffling, the guy has had about 10 good games in the entire time he’s been at the club. He only won it because some of our fans our fooled by the whole “proud to be blue” image. He’s not proud to play for Everton, to him it’s just a job. I’m telling you all, don’t be fooled by his outrageous twitter hashtags.
Now, booing him off today. I’m of the view, I pay my money for a season ticket at the start of the season, so if I want to boo someone I’ll boo them. He needed to know that we weren’t happy with his performance, booing him shows him that. The boos weren’t just directed at him though they was directed at bringing Mirallas off.
So, where do we go from here? If he is starting centre half at Old Trafford next week, they’ll stick 6 up us. Get Neville back in at right back and Jagielka back to centre half with Distin. If we’re going to get 4th spot, we have to start playing our best players in their best positions. Heitinga isn’t part of our best 11, and never has been.

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