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Everton’s Goal Against Newcastle: Its Over The Line………..No Its Not

On Monday night Everton faced off against Newcastle in which Everton scored a perfectly good goal that had crossed the line and was cleared instantly. Unfortunately the assistant at the time failed to spot the ball crossing the line due to the speed at which the incident happened. And of coarse this has brought about the age old debate of goal line technology.

The point I would like to make is this. Would technology make the game better or worse? Lets look at the Everton game as an example. The game as a whole was a frantic end to end game, played at a high tempo with good hard but clean tackles flying around. Then out of the blue came the talking point of the game…the goal that never was. Now had goal line technology been used on Monday night the goal would have been give and that is the end of it.

But….it wasn’t the only goal that was disallowed on the night. Fellani also scored a goal which was ruled out for offside but replays clearly show he was on. So now in a game we have one goal given because of technology and one that isn’t. So now there will be a new cry for a new debate for technology to assist the referees. So where does it end?

Now I have no doubt in my mind that the technology can and will help in future incidents such as the one that just happened on Monday night and now with the new technology to be tested in the World Club Cub in Japan, it is certainly an exciting prospect to be able to give the goals that teams have rightfully scored.

The other concern I would have is would this bring about the end of actually having a debate. If everything is decided by a computer that says no….. would we then have anything to talk about at half time and full time. If technology as deciding the game for us, poor Jamie Rednapp would be out of the job and we would be forced to watch 15 minutes of adverts instead of the usual 10. Too much technology, in my opinion could end up making the game a robotic non spectacle of a game, where footballers boots will have better sat-nav’s than your car and goal posts resemble a cell phone tower where fans at the game end up looking at it on their phone. The game of football was meant to played on a green bit of grass with sticks at either end and teams who scored the most settled the matter. Lets use technology but lets not lose the game.

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