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QPR, Blackburn, Wigan & More Play Transfer Window Game Show, Some Will Win A Lot Will Lose

The January transfer window, a time when we see wild rumours fly around, a time when every fan thinks they’re a journalist and can make up a rumour and pass it on as a fact, a time when journalists and media outlets think that they hold all the cards on when a player will move and where too and for how much when in reality for however much gets said only a small percentage of that will be done.

I have no problem with the January transfer window, if anything I find it highly fun because I liken it to a lot of different game shows all rolled into one. It’s like a mash up of Deal or No Deal to The Price Is Right and a sprinkling of Golden Balls all rolled up into 31 days of madness. Truth, lies, money, greed and ultimately the pressure of keeping a player or getting that player that can unlock the potential that is already in your squad is something clubs and managers have to deal with now but another side of the transfer window is coming to light.

Take QPR, Blackburn and Wigan, three clubs right now that are in big trouble of being relegated to the Championship at the end of the season and three clubs with managers that have come out saying they need four or five new players in this transfer window to help them to stay up. That says a number of things, firstly that the players they have currently aren’t good enough to knuckle down and dig them out of trouble and secondly that the manager and club are feeling the pressure and will panic buy just to get players into the door even if they aren’t even used.

You look at QPR for example who now have Mark Hughes in charge and an owner that is willing to splash the cash to get players in to stay up but it’s like a kid in a candy shop with too much money and an endless choice of things to get. Alex, Samba, Onuoha, Henrique the list goes on of players linked with a move to QPR but it just looks like panicking instead of calculated moves that will pay off many more seasons to come.

If players like that came into a club in the summer transfer window and in the amount that are listed that would be ok because they have time to work with everyone at the club, get to know the team, bed in and so on but having a large amount of players coming in this January window can’t help if a current squad player is getting pushed out or if a big character comes in and clashes with other players but as down as I am on one side of the January transfer window on the other hand it can work.

Clever managers won’t rush in, they’ll look at what they have and if what they have is working and doing ok what they will do is go out and find one player that for next season will become a better player because he’s had time to settle. My example is Stéphane Sessègnon, a clear talent that was brought into Sunderland in January 2011 and had from then to the end of the season to learn the Premier League and now look at him, a much better player that will continue to grow into a world class player.

Managers that stay calm and just think are the ones that get the most from the January transfer window because they see what they have and work with it and if they is a player that can come in but needs time do so but it’s the managers and clubs that panic that find themselves get into more trouble than where they were before the window opened.

I would point something out seriously to all football managers, it’s called the transfer window, it’s a window so it’s like players are putting themselves up for a transfer in the window, if you have ever seen or been to Amsterdam you will know that once you get inside they’re not always as good as they look in the window. Managers and clubs should act with caution and not just rush in like a fool because the actions that happen in this transfer window will be felt for a long time to come for better but it mostly works out for the worse.



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